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Golden Ginkgo Holistic & Restorative Wellness, LLC

Heal from the inside out.


Hi! I am Nikki Kornegay, a 300-Hour National Board Certified Reflexologist and Second Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner located in Louisburg, NC. In my nearly

14- year career in healthcare, I began to realize that our culture has difficulty addressing some of the root causes of people's illnesses: stressors, traumas, and lifestyles that are not conducive to good health and mental well-being. I wanted to find a way to help people begin to heal themselves from within. I received my Level I & II Reiki attunement through Heartfelt Reiki with kara emmy in 2020; I was later introduced to the concepts of Reflexology and trained through The Academy of Reflective Wellness with Cyndi Hill in 2023; I then completed certification through the American Reflexology Certification Board which sent me farther down the path of my journey where I meet you today. I have a dream of  bridging the gap between wellness as we know it and the spiritual and emotional needs of clients.


Join me. Heal from the inside out.

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary"

-Jim Rohn

Mobile Service Menu


Reiki Sessions


Restore: $75

Revive: $100

*Angel Card Readings available with these services

Reflexology Sessions


Feet: $80

Ears & Hands: $80

Ears & Feet: $100

Hands & Feet: $120

Ears, Hands, & Feet: $140


R & R

Hand Reflexology & Reiki: $120

Foot Reflexology & Reiki: $130

Hand and Foot Reflexology & Reiki: $140

Ear, Hand, Foot Reflexology & Reiki: $150


"I look forward to my hour with Nikki every week. I leave feeling relaxed, composed, and remembering the importance of taking time to slow down and take care of myself. Nikki is empathetic and intuitive; she provides a debrief after each session which gives me insight and motivation to deepen my meditation practice at home. An hour of Reiki is the best self care that money can buy."

Katie B.

"I didn't have any expectations of my first reiki session ever & I am so glad that I scheduled a session. The physical transfer of energy that I felt was incredibly surprising. It was relaxing, comforting & enlightening. Nikki's space is so warm & inviting. She pulled some [Angel] cards for me at the end of my session which helped clarify some things for me. It was so beneficial & I'm looking forward to doing it again!"

Khristi D.
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